Tamara Dlugach. Lectures on the Enlightenment Philosophy and German Idealism

Series of academical lectures given by Tamara Dlugach about the most influential figures of French Enlightenment and German Idealism: from Wolff to Fichte.

Tamara Dlugach, DSc in Philosophy, Chief Research Fellow at the Department of Western Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy RAS; the author of Three Portraits of the Age of Enlightenment: Montesquieu. Voltaire. Rousseau (2006), Two Philosophical Reflections: From Holbach to Kant (2011), Immanuel Kant: From Early Works to the «Critique of Pure Reason» (1990), From Kant to Fichte (2010), and other books and numerous papers on the philosophy and the philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment and German Idealism.

Proposed series of academic lectures were given by Dlugach in 2010 to graduate students of the Institute of Philosophy RAS.

Lecture 1. French Enlighteners: Voltaire and Rousseau

Lecture 2:

French Enlighteners: d’Holbach, Diderot and Helvétius
The Birth of German Idealism: from Wolff to Kant

Lecture 3. Understanding and Reason in Kant’s Critique

Lecture 4:

Kant’s Transcendental Dialectic
The Main Notions of Hegel’s Philosophy

Lecture 5. Hegel: the Phenomenology of Spirit and the Philosophy of Spirit

Lecture 6. Hegel: the Science of Logic and the Philosophy of History

Lecture 7:

Hegel: Lectures on the Philosophy of History
Fichte’s Philosophy


 Lecture 1. French Enlighteners: Voltaire and Rousseau


 Lecture 2. French Enlighteners: d’Holbach, Diderot and Helvétius

The Birth of German Idealism: from Wolff to Kant


 Lecture 3. Understanding and Reason in Kant’s Critique


 Lecture 4. Kant’s Transcendental Dialectic

The Main Notions of Hegel’s Philosophy


 Lecture 5. Hegel: the Phenomenology of Spirit and the Philosophy of Spirit


 Lecture 6. Hegel: the Science of Logic and the Philosophy of History


 Lecture 7. Hegel: Lectures on the Philosophy of History

Fichte’s Philosophy

New and popular
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